About Us

Message from "The President"

The biggest factor in any organization’s success is the team which is behind the organization. We have a strong team around the world which has been with the organization long enough to realize and follow our philosophy of 100% honesty, clarity and transparency. All our team members are chosen after several rounds of interviews and written tests with the final interview being held with the directors and the induction is also with the directors so that they understand the strength of the organization which lays our moral fiber than anything else. We have a strong network of carefully chosen and screened associates in India and Southeast Asia which means that we are able to provide the best of services not only to the students but also to our partner institutions.

The cooperation of the community people and stakeholders made excellent contribution towards the success of the organization. All of the activities reached the people and other target audiences because of their untiring interest and cooperation.

I must thank our Partners for providing continued cooperation to Shaan Foundation for the cause. The management and staff of Shaan Foundation are heartedly thankful to the Partners for placing trust in the community based organization Shaan Foundation.

Many thanks for everything.

Julie (President)

Shaan Foundation(Punjab)