Support To CLHIV

Today I feel very blessed when we are able to provide a bicycle to the orphan child who is just in second class and living with her aunt and she is living with HIV . We feel very happy when she come to know that she is gifted by a cycle from a donor (AVON Cycle). Personally I feel very happy when she got her cycle and said to my colleague like Thanks Uncle . These words give us motivation to do more best in future.

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World No TOBACCO Day ,2019

Shaan Foundation Punjab Organise a Compagin on the World No TOBACCO Day on 31st May ,2019 . Say No To TOBACOO SHAAN FOUNDATION PUNJAB

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Shaan Beauty Training Academy

"I feel very proud when after training academy. I learn the first lesson on threading and shape of eyebrows successfully and now able to do threading." Lots of thanks to Madam Manjeet, Neha Chauhan and Shaan CBO. We shall overcome.

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Mona Mahant "I really feel happy when I casted my vote as a transgender at the time of participating in Democratic fair ." I want to thank the Government of India to provide me an opportunity to participate in voting . My vote my right.

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Today I(Sunny Mahi Counselor) feel very blessed when with some efforts I am able to save the life of a new born child of PLHIV couple while providing them NEVIROPINE medicine. May! God bless me with strength and wealth to do efforts for the couple like them . I never bought this type of happiness even I invested a lot of money. ?

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Senstization Meeting with DLSA

Senstization Meeting with DLSA(District Legal Services Authorities)Center organised by Shaan Foundation ,Jalandhar Team . Event integrated by the Session Judge Cum DLSA Chairman and Chief Judicial Magistrate .Sessions on Sexual Orientation and Gender identification facilitated by Deepak Rana and discussion on the rights of LGBTQ under theme ALL ARE EQUAL

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Zero Discrimination day

Shaan committs to reduce stigma and discrimination from society and its our duty . Today we are able to address the issue of discrimination with a transwoman of Sirhind who suffered from discrimination at her workplace. No more Stigma and #0discrimnationday #shaancbo

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International Sex worker day

Sex work is also a work .Today on the observing International Sex Worker day .I Jassi proud to be a sex worker .I just want to address those people who discriminate with the sex work .I did sex work from last ,23years .I am 40 years old now.I engaged in the sex work because i was not accepted by the society because i m a transwoman .Today i earn money as a sex worker and If society has no opprtunitues for people like me then they dont have right to give us any type of suggestions or comments. My Body My Rights.

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Hijra Habba

3rd State level Hijra Habba for the mainstreaming of Transgender & Hijra Community of Punjab in Red Cross Bhawan ,Jalandhar Suppoprted by the Pehchan North Region Office and India HIV/AIDS Alliance and Ingurated by the Dr.Manpreet Chattwal (APD PSACS) Dr. Meenu (DD TI) Simran Sheikh (Alliance ) Harchand ( PNRO) Manoj Benjual (PNRO) Sanjay Nagrath (PNRO) Sajan Kapoor(Pollywood Actor) Gopal Muni ( Religious Leader) and other Stake holders . Hijra Community leader from all punjab are participated in this event and event become fruitful

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