Shaan Foundation Punjab is the registered organization of Punjab who is working for the LGBTIQ PLHIV people and Key populations in the districts of Punjab. Shaan is working from the 2011 in Jalandhar and from 2017 we started our work in some districts of the Punjab as an extension of the Shaan Foundation. Shaan is working as a Community based Organization in Punjab. Jalandhar, Ludhaina, Moga and kapurthala are being a cultural cities and districts of Punjab are center of attraction for the international tourists and the people living in different parts of the country. The cities provide opportunity to different people to make their livelihood. In addition to different developments taking place in all parts of the city, HIV/AIDS has also found its base in these districts. It is spreading very fast not only in these districts but also reaching different parts of the country. There are numerous small and big actors working towards the cause. Shaan Foundation (Pb.) is one of the leading organizations shouldering responsibility of handing the sensitive issue. It has initiated a wide range of activities for the same. The current project is one of such steps taken in different parts of the city. The project is focusing exclusively the Man who having sex with man, Transgender, & Hijra (MTHs) operating in the target area along with the People who living with HIV epidemic .The project has a set of wide range of activities planned and executed with the sole purpose of elevating quality of life of the Man who having sex with man, Transgender, & Hijra (MTHs). It includes awareness raising activities, accessing necessary preventive devices and medical facilities to the infected and potential groups. The Man who having sex with man, Transgender & Hijra (MTHs) involved in the trade usually found to have very low self esteem. Consequently, they are exploited by the people having vested interests and other negative frame of mind. It leads to multiple health disorders. The Man who having sex with man, Transgender & Hijra (MTHs) in this trade do not accept or easily admit their involvement. Since the projects are under implementation for a reasonable time, hence the team has developed good rapport with them and does not face such project any more. Shaan commits to pay the attention towards to reduce the stigma and discrimination from the society for the acceptance of the People who living with HIV /AIDS and for the empowerment of the marginalized communities in Punjab. The project team executed activities relating their identification, awareness raising, conscientization, organization, clinical services and other self help activities.