(Strengthening capacity in MSM, transgender and hijra communities to improve HIV prevention impact.)

Pehchān is unique in its design and approach since it is community – driven and focuses on advocacy and policy activities to create an enabling environment that offers easier access to the specific services for MSM, TG and Hijra populations.

Pehchan was a rare example of a Community Systems Strengthening programme working at a national scale. It provides organizational development, technical and capacity building support to Shaan Foundation as a CBO who is working with MTH communities. Using a rights-based approach, the programme develops CBOs to serve as implementing partners with the National AIDS Control Programme’s Targeted Interventions (TIs) that provide HIV prevention services to high-risk groups. By helping build strong CBOs, Pehchan addresses capacity gaps that often prevent them from receiving government funding.

Pehchan also enhances the scope of services to reflect the needs of the community. The programme leverages and complements the government’s HIV prevention strategy for MTH by providing services beyond basic HIV prevention that support an enabling environment that encourages healthy behaviors. Pehchan also fosters community-friendly services in the broader health system and engages in advocacy to improve the lives and wellbeing of MTH populations in District Jalandhar.

During the project period from June 2013 to March,2016 Shaan Foundation reached 980 MTH & 676 MTH undergo through HIV testing and 26 MTH are reactive in ICTC and 21 clients are successfully linked with the ART Centre.

10 Clients are successfully linked with the social entitlements during the project period. Under Pehchān project, there are several activities carried out to help understand and address the prevalent stigma and discrimination against the MTH communities with an aim to increase knowledge and sensitivity towards the community on priority issues.

The Project successfully conducted “Hijra Habba” event, (Patiala and Jalandhar) focusing Transgender Hijra Welfare’s in Northern Region. This event focused on mobilizing stakeholders from Government, Corporate, Social, and Health sector and also to improve the visibility of the community